jinhong-saek (진홍색)
--the color scarlet.

"jinhong-saek" is probably one of my favorite korean words, for personal reasons.
my nickname 'jinny' has stemmed from this word. no more questions.

dump site.
this is the dump site for all things that didn't make it to my other tumblr. meaning, this is the non-kpop other-half. but that does not mean this place will be korean-less. oh no.
any and every thing i want to post/reblog that isn't k-pop related goes here.

a little look into my non-korean universe, if you will.
this place will be a little more personal and a little less biased.
if i like what i see, i'll reblog.
scarlet & sapphire diaries
— jinhongsaek versus jinhong-saek

scarlet & sapphire diaries is different from my main blog, jinhongsaek, because this place was made for me not to spazz over my love for my favorite kpop bands.

in short, scarlet & sapphire diaries is supposed to showcase my ‘sane side’. not that i plan on going overboard with my spazz blog—but i have decided that only my biases will make it to my main tumblr.

scarlet & sapphire diaries is everything else about me. all the other things i like, things i find interesting and probably things at the back of my mind i didn’t know existed, or anything i find at all amusing.

i call this my side blog because i meant to have a tumblr that’s purely for kpop purposes. but i can’t help wanting to reblog a photo of my favorite balenciaga bag, or let’s say, a nice photo from a photoshoot of an idol i don’t particularly like, or a harry potter gif. that would completely ruin the dynamics of what i had originally wanted ‘jinhongsaek’ to be. so i created this other half, jinhong-saek, (which i aptly titled ‘scarlet & sapphire diaries) where there are less restrictions for the content.

why is it titled scarlet & sapphire diaries?

scarlet (jinhongsaek/진홍색) is the name of the blog. like i explained, one of my favorite korean words is “jinhongsaek”—enough said. and since my favorite color is blue, and sapphires are easily linked to the color blue, i chose ‘sapphire’ to go along with it. sapphire is also an homage to my aff username: SapphireSwoon —which was intended to be named after my bias, Son Dongwoon and my favorite color blue. and i added in ‘diaries’ because i hope for this blog to chronicle the various things that amuse me in every day life.

there we have jinhong-saek; scarlet & sapphire diaries.
different from my 2pm-Beast-Exo-Shinee-andsomeothers spazz blog (jinhongsaek).